TEDxYerevan 2013

TEDxYerevan invitations have been all sent out! Along with attendance confirmations we are receiving some questions regarding the event day. Here are the most common ones with answers:

How to get an invitation?

The event is invitation-only and all invites have been sent out. However, this year a limited number of seats will be available by online applications. Please follow our website and Facebook page for the announcement. Note: applications are now closed.

Can I forward my invitation to my friends/colleagues?

No. The invitations are personal and not transferable.

Are there any seat reservations?

No. Plan to arrive early to get a seat closer to the stage. A few rows
will be reserved for TEDxYerevan speakers and Advisory Board Members only.

How much can I be late?

The doors will close at 10:00am. If you do not register in person by
10:00am, on September 14th, then your seat will be given to someone on
the waiting list.

Do I need to bring a passport/ID?

YES. Please bring an ID for the registration.

Can I take a friend/spouse with me?

No. Family, friends and significant others cannot join unless they
have personally received an invitation to the event.

Do I need to print this email?


What is the participation fee?

Since our first event in 2009, TEDxYerevan has been free of charge for all participants. However, just like last year, the participants are asked to cover their own lunch expenses (2,000 drams). The lunch will be provided by TUMO Center for Creative Technologies and will include vegetarian option.

What’s the language of the event? Are all the talks in English?

This year there will be one talk in Armenian, however there will be no translation available. The rest of the talks will be in English, since the purpose of this event is to produce talks that can easily be disseminated globally.

What’s the agenda?

The amazing speaker lineup includes 14 people, who will be sharing their wisdom and inspiration on a variety of topics from music to solar energy and green business. To view the lineup and read about our speakers please visit this page.

Am I an attendee or do I need to prepare a speech as well?:)

You are invited as an attendee only. However, as such, you will have
an opportunity to network and engage in meaningful conversations
during the breaks.

Can I take photos during the event?

Attendees, including journalists and reporters are not allowed to take pictures or film/videotape the TEDx event. After the event, we will provide photos made by an in-house photographer. Notify us if you need photos on the event day.

Is there a dress-code?

We recommend business casual. Wear a tie, jacket or suit if you want; you won’t be overdressed. You can also get away with informal if you want. Don’t stress about it, just go, talk to people, take notes, get inspired, be inspiring.

Will there be a livestream? How can I follow the event online?

The livestream of the event will be available on our website. Also you will be able to follow the event with our Facebook and Twitter posts and official hashtag: #TEDxYerevan.

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